The Angel Investing Platform That You’ve Been Waiting For gives wings to your startup, by connecting you with angel investors who fund, mentor & help you make connections that grow your business
  • Mentoring

    Feedback on product-market fit, connections or referrals, pre-emption of growth issues - a few of the significant contributions Angels make.

  • Domain Expertise

    Angles share crucial insights that only experience brings, enabling startups to solve deeper domain problems with greater impact.

  • Funding

    Angels provide timely investments that help startups demonstrate sustainability and build a bridge to the point of further venture capital inflow.

Startups, Get Discovered

Startups looking for angel investment can find angels with sector-specific interests, follow their investments, receive news and connect with angels right away!

Angel Investors, meet the next disruptor! is a platform for you to connect with startups that are the right fit for your portfolio! Take data-driven decisions & connect with startups right away!

What Startups Say

If you have the right product with right vision, then should be your first Angel investing firm you should get in touch with. In just 3 meetings we have closed the deal and moved on for Agreements. Less than a month we were able to raise fund for our new Startup.


We were happy to partner with for our angel investment round. They have played a crucial role in helping our brand strike the right partnerships that ramped up user adoption of the brand

Charan Reddy was instrumental in identifying Angel investors who connected us to our eventual technology team and in funding the early-stage technology and marketing roadmap for

Pavan Pyshetty

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